Carrying your TV back and forth to repair stores can be hectic. And to make it simple and easy for you, get assistance at your doorstep. Further, avail assistance from the professionals. Reach out to Geek Squad TV Repair instantly for solutions. Along with your main TV, get assistance with your audio speakers and other attached devices. Hence, you can acquire a total repair package whenever you need it.

What Issues Can Geek Squad TV Repair fix?

The team is well-experienced in handling all matters related to all brands and models of TV. For all LED or Flat Screen TV, you can acquire professional assistance. Also, team members are highly skilled to resolve any problems quickly. Hence, you can get assistance always. Further, some of the matters that TV requires repairs for:

  • TV not working.
  • Vertical Lines on the Screen.
  • Horizontal Lines on the Screen. 
  • Audio Issues.
  • Display or Screen Problems.
  • Problems with Power Supply.

Hence, the team can easily handle any of these matters. Also, if you require further assistance, you can easily acquire it.  

Benefits of Availing Geek Squad TV Repair Services

If you ever search for a suitable TV Repair service, you may find numerous websites and stores. But not all are trustworthy and genuine. With Geek Squad TV Repair you can blindly rely on to acquire what is best for your TV. They ensure that your TV is in working condition without any obstruction. Hence, here are some of the benefits as to why you should choose them:

  • The technicians will make a home visit for any TV of 42 inches or more. Despite the brand or the problem, the team will try to resolve the matter at your home. However, for TV that are under 42 inches, you will have to bring them for in-store repair. 
  • Also, the team operates vigorously to resolve all problems as quickly as possible. Indeed, they consume the least time in fixing your TV.
  • The charges are pocket-friendly. 
  • Also, you can acquire the services round the clock. 
  • Further, if you have a protection plan by Geek Squad, then you do not have to make an extra payment for the services.

Therefore, there is nothing that will act against you. All of it will work for your benefit only. Make full use of all the amenities you have. 

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Cost of Geek Squad TV Repair

The charges of repairing TVs by Geeks are quite affordable. They ensure that all its customers can easily avail of its services. Also, you can stay worry-free as all services will be without any complaint. Again, here is a list of costs of TV Repairs:

TV Panel$1,320 to $3,200
System Main Board$361
Power Supply$270
Other Inputs$260

NOTE: The costs are calculated averagely. Hence, they are subject to change as they fluctuate in costs. 

Protection Plans by Geek Squad TV Repair 

Customers that seek assistance from Geeks should always purchase the Protection Plans. It is designed uniquely to ensure total coverage of the device. Therefore, you can make your device full proof under coverage. Make the most of it by purchasing your plan to protect your TV. 

Benefits of Protection Plan

  • Avail replacement of parts of the TV for free. 
  • 24×7 services for all members under the protection plan. 
  • You do not have to incur any additional charges. 
  • Further, you can also transfer the plan from one device to another. The process is simple and easy. Just make a call asking for it from the Geek Squad TV Repair team. 
  • Get free replacement of the Original Remote. 
  • Furthermore, if the TV was installed, then uninstallation and reinstallation will be without additional cost. 

Cost of Protection Plan for TV

The costs are calculated based on various factors. Foremost, the actual price of the device is taken into consideration. Further, you can choose according to your convenience from 2-year or 5-year plans. You can also renew your protection plans and earn additional benefits. 

Here is an estimated protection plan:

Price of TVCost of 2-year PlanCost of 5-year Plan


  • If the device is under the manufacture Warranty, then the repairs will be done under it. 
  • Only after the expiry of the manufacturer warranty, the team will include the protection plan. 
  • Minor issues, such as fluctuation in pixels, power surges, will be under the control of the team. 

How to Contact Geek Squad TV Repair?

The team is always ready to provide its services to all its customers. There are multiple ways to get through. You can choose to avail of the services according to your comfort. Try any of these means to avail of the services:

Make a Call 

The easiest way to communicate is through call. Find the number and simply dial the number. For making an in-store visit, call to book geek squad appointments. This way, you will acquire instant assistance on arrival. Also, or simple matters. Geek Squad TV Repair team provides on-call assistance and remote assistance for minor issues. The team also provides troubleshooting resolutions through calls. 

On Chat

Seek assistance through the experts on the chat process. Select the details of your TV model and start the conversation. The experts from the team will surely help you get the best resolutions possible. 

Make In-Store Visit

You can visit the store directly and seek help. The available technicians at the store will guide you through the process. Hence, it is easy and convenient to communicate always. 

Hence, avail professional assistance with most benefits through Geek Squad TV Repair. You will surely find what you are looking for. Get extra care and attention from the team for all services with your TV. 

  • How long does the Geek Squad TV Repair team take for repairing?

On average it takes about 5-7 days for the team to repair your TV. However, for major issues, it may take over a week. But at any cost, they will surely repair your TV. 

  • Does the Protection Plan cover Accidental damages on the TV?

Fortunately, the protection plan does include accidental damages. However, while purchasing the plans, you will have to include the accidental protection claims.

  • How many times can you claim for the services under the Protection Plan?

As many as 5 times, you can claim services for a single plan. From which two can be accidental. Hence, in a plan of 2 years, you can seek services 5 times.

  • Can you claim for burn-in damages under the Geek Squad TV Repair Protection Plan?

Surprisingly, Geeks are the only platform that offers to repair of burn-in damages. If the damage is reversible, the team will take care of it. And if not they will try to recycle the parts. However, the TV has to be out of the manufacturer’s warranty period for it to apply. No other repair center will allow burn-on repairs under the protection plan. 

  • Does Geek Squad take away broken TVs?

Yes, you can haul away your broken TV when you receive your replacement TV. It will cost just $29.99. Then, the team will properly recycle the parts of the TV that are reusable.