Are you facing troubles with your Play Station 4? PS4 is currently trending as the most popular gaming console. And many customers call seeking assistance for their PS4. And if you face similar issues, feel free to contact the Geek Squad PS4 Repair team. Although there are terms and conditions on it. Yet, they are capable of helping you in every way possible. Further, customers can easily fix their PS4 and get back to gaming.

Can Geek Squad PS4 Repair Team Fix All Issues?

Well, the first point that you should always remember is that Geek Squad handles PS4 that are under the Protection Plan only. Apart from that, if the device is under Manufacturer warranty, you can either replace or fix it through them. Also, for any item that is not under the warranty or protection plan, the team will not be able to assist you with it. 

Services by Geek Squad PS4 Repair Team

Further, customers should be aware of what they are walking into. And to know it better, one must learn about the services and plans by the team. Since the team only repairs devices under the protection plan, many customers question the services. Hence, to make it straightforward, here are the basic services that you can acquire:

Setup Your PS4

If you are unable to set up your device on your own, you can easily call for help. The technicians can instruct you through call. But if you require more assistance, you may book a best buy geek squad appointment. The technicians will arrive at your home and set up the device for you. 


Similarly, the Geek Squad PS4 Repair team is also capable of rendering its services for installation. You can seek professional guidance through call, as you carry out the process.

Run Games

Some games may not be compatible with your PS4. Or the visual resolution may be incompatible. Therefore, in such cases, seek a professional’s guidance. The team will provide on-call consultation or help you get through it. 


Further, if there are any other minor glitches in the PS4 device, the team will surely help you. They can diagnose and run troubleshooting methods. Hence, it is a productive way to handle the matter. 

Connect with Wi-Fi

Also, some customers call the Geek Squad PS4 Repair team asking for assistance with connecting their home Wi-Fi with the device. PS4 runs only with Wi-Fi connected to your device and a TV with the same connection. Therefore, it is very necessary to connect the device with Wi-Fi. Hence, acquire experts’ advice to get through the matter. 

Adjust TV Calibration

Furthermore, the team can also help you adjust your TV Calibration with your PS4 setting. It will help you have better visual effects on the screen. Without a proper setting, you may not be able to enjoy the full limits of your games. Hence, it is also a very integral part of the entire setup. 

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Does Geek Squad PS4 Repair Fix Controllers?

Many customers always ask whether you can fix controllers. There is no confirmation as to whether Controllers can be fixed. It entirely depends on the damage. If there is any minor issue, it may be fixable. However, the Geek Squad PS4 Repair team does not repair Controllers. If the device is under the manufacturer’s warranty, they will directly replace the Controllers. 

Meanwhile, as far as Geek Squad is concerned, they will either replace the damaged part or entirely replace the controller. They do not repair the parts of it. However, make sure that the device is under the Protection Plan to enjoy its benefits. 

Geek Squad PS4 Repair: Protection Plan

Since there are not many options available for customers with a PS4, it is indeed essential that one must purchase a Protection Plan. It will include all damages that incur in your device. Further, you can also avail of services with any additional costs. All customers can easily access the services of the team if the device is under protection. 

Cost of the Protection Plan

Cost of the PS ConsoleProtection PlanPlan Duration
$499.99$79.992 Years

NOTE: These plans are subject to change with the change in the cost of the device.

Benefits of Protection Plan

  • All accidental damages are included in the plan. Therefore, if you ever have any accidental problems with your PS4, gather assistance without any charges. 
  • Also, controllers are replaceable if they stop working. 
  • Again, all minor issues will easily be fixed by the team. The team has expertise in handling such matters. Therefore, the matters will resolve within a few minutes.  
  • Power Surge damages are common. And so, the plan includes repairing the damages by power surge for free. 
  • Customers can choose to shift their protection plan anytime to a new device. 
  • You can easily connect through the contact number and acquire all the assistance you need. The Protection Plan provides extended services also. 
Geek Squad PS4 Repair Take on Manufacturer Warranty

A manufacturer warranty is a basic warranty that the manufacturer of the item provides. Hence, if your device is under this warranty, you can acquire services free of cost. For all damages, the manufacturer will have to fix or replace the device according to the damages. 

Whereas, the experts of the team suggest that if your device is under this warranty period, you can easily acquire service without any hassle. Hence, it would be smart to do so. And if the device is under Best buy warranty period, then it is likely to have a one-year warranty period on the device. If so, you can fix all devices through here. 

But if your PS4 device exceeds the warranty limit, you will have to purchase the Protection Plan. Without it, you will not be able to access the services for repairing or otherwise ever. 

Hence, to access the benefits of the Geek Squad PS4 Repair, you will have to purchase the Protection Plan. And this plan includes all damages and repair costs. Therefore, if you ever face any complications with your PS4, reach out and enjoy free service under the plan.